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1st August 2021 - Dying and Living Part 3 - Life through Death
Pastor Lee looks at our bodily resurrection, judgement and eternity

25th July 2021 - Disciple: I do, you watch
In our monthly focus on discipleship, we look at the first stage in Jesus teaching his disciples.

18th July 2021 - Hope - with Andrew Fitzwater
Elder Andrew Fitzwater speaks on the subject of Hope.

11th July 2021 - Dying and Living Part 2 - Death is not the end
Pastor Lee looks at what happens when we die.

4th July 2021 - 'Dying and Living' Part 1 - Death is Mentionable
Pastor Lee begins a series looking at dying, living, eternity and living with both.

27th June 2021 - 'Disciple'
Pastor Lee begins the first of a monthly message focus on discipleship and looks at what it means for Jesus to come into the whole of our lives.

20th June 2021 - 'Discipleship'
Guest speaker Rev. Dr. Neil Hudson introduces the theme of discipleship.

13th June 2021 - Trinity Part 7 'The Spirit and Us'
Pastor Lee concludes our series on the Trinity and looks at the Holy Spirit in our lives.

6th June 2021 - 'Trinity Part 6 - Holy Spirit'
Pastor Lee introduces us to the person of the Holy Spirit and encourages us to consider who He is before we think about what he does.

30th May 2021 - 'Trinity Part 5 - Jesus the Son'
Elder Andrew Fitzwater looks deeper at the person of the Son in the Trinity