Youth Zoom

Zoom ( is a video conferencing app which is free to use and can be used on desktops and mobile devices.

We will operate groups according to the standards of our safeguarding and online safety policies and the following principles should apply in the groups:

There will always be a minimum of 2 safely recruited leaders running a zoom group call.

Under 16's should use an account owned by a parent.

Young people using it should be dressed appropriately and preferably use it in a communal space in their home, or in their room with a door open. 

We ask that under 16's should have a parent present in the home when they are on a group video call.

Video calls will not be recorded by the leaders and should not be recorded by young people.

Should a parent or young person have a safeguarding concern about any activity of a zoom group call then please get in touch with Pastor Lee as safeguarding coordinator on 07917157889 or Marcia Weeks (Deputy) on 01245 609257.


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