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6th June 2021 - 'Trinity Part 6 - Holy Spirit'
Pastor Lee introduces us to the person of the Holy Spirit and encourages us to consider who He is before we think about what he does.

30th May 2021 - 'Trinity Part 5 - Jesus the Son'
Elder Andrew Fitzwater looks deeper at the person of the Son in the Trinity

23rd May 2021 - 'Trinity Part 4 - The Son'
Pastor Lee introduces the person of the Son in relation to the Father and the Spirit

16th May 2021 - Guest Speaker - Tim Wood
Tim Wood is CEO of 'Through the Roof' and he brings us a challenging message on disability and inclusion in the gospel and the church.

9th May 2021: Trinity Part 3 - Father and Us
Pastor Lee continues our study of the Trinity and looks at the revelation of the Father and his relationship with us.

2nd May 2021 - Trinity Part 2 - Father
Pastor Lee looks at the person of the Father in relation to the Son and Spirit

25th April 2021 - Trinity - Introduction
Pastor Lee introduces a new series which explores the three person of the Trinity: Father Son and Holy Spirit.

18th April 2021 - Justin Humphreys - Lemuel's Lesson
Justin Humphreys is our guest speaker this week. He is CEO for safeguarding at thirtyone:eight, a safeguarding charity. He looks at the scripture which underpins their organisational mission and mandate, Proverbs 31:8.

11th April 2021 - Romans Part 23: Ch4v16-17 'Sola Fide'
Elder Andrew Fitzwater takes us through this section which see us leaving Romans for a while. He reflects on a couple of Latin phrases which help us understand what it means to be made righteous by faith alone.

Easter Sunday 2021 - Life to Death to Resurrection
Pastor Lee brings us an Easter message reflecting on the life God intended for us before death came through sin and how Jesus offers a full life through his resurrection.