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26th September 2021 - Think: Whatever is Right
Continuing with our series on what we think about, we consider what it means to to be right and to think on righteous things.

19th September 2021 - Disciple: You Do, I Help
Sid and Laura Thurlow team up to bring our monthly discipleship focus on how we still need help when we step out to serve Jesus

12th September 2021 - Think: Whatever is Noble
Pastor Lee considers how we think about whatever is worthy of respect.

5th September 2021 - Think: Whatever is True
Pastor Lee begins a new series based on Philippians 4:8

22nd August 2021 - 'I do, You help' with Laura Thurlow
Laura continues our monthly discipleship focus by looking the way the disciples got to help Jesus

15th August 2021 - 'Love' with Sid Thurlow
Sid takes a look at what love means

8th August 2021 - Dying and Living Part 4
Pastor finishes this series with a pastoral reflection of living beyond death.

1st August 2021 - Dying and Living Part 3 - Life through Death
Pastor Lee looks at our bodily resurrection, judgement and eternity

25th July 2021 - Disciple: I do, you watch
In our monthly focus on discipleship, we look at the first stage in Jesus teaching his disciples.

18th July 2021 - Hope - with Andrew Fitzwater
Elder Andrew Fitzwater speaks on the subject of Hope.