About us

Welcome to the Ingatestone Elim Church website

We are a community based church in Ingatestone with a passion for spreading the good news about Jesus Christ as well as being a force for good in our local area.

In this section you will find more information abbout us including what we believe and what takes place during a typical Sunday service!

Short History of Ingatestone Elim Church 

The Church at Ingatestone Started in 1933 following evangelistic meetings held in 1932 by Pastors Henry Jeffery and Bernard Moore during these meetings people came into salvation. The new Church was opened at Ingatestone High st on October 4th 1933 and called the "Elim Tabernacle".

The Church has known times of blessing and growth over the years under various leaders and Pastors.

Notably Miss G.M Garton was Pastor for 17 years from 1942-1959 during these times the Lord moved through this anoninted woman of God

More Recently the Church was lead by Pastor Ian Moore and his wife Carol, Ian served the Church as Pastor for 28 years 1984-2012

Pastor Lee Carmichael has been with the church since november 2014.


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